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Free Lyrics - Sun And Steel - Iron Butterfly

Heat on my back, you know I'm busy makin' tracks, I'm a-runnin' (runnin') 

I got bills to pay, no! I throw them all away, high rollin' (rollin') 

Well, I've been told I'm careless 

And my dearest dreams must go 


I wanna be free, free 

Let my wheels spin around 

I'm gonna free, free, free, 

I'm gonna take it on down 


Movin' outta line, hey! I'm feelin' fine, hey baby (baby) 

High in heaven, on a seven or eleven, I roll on (roll on) 

Well, I've been told I'm hopeless 

But I just can't agree 


I wanna be free... free... free 

I wanna take it on down 


The old ones say I'm lazy 

But that's an ancient point of view 


I'm gonna be free, free, free 

let my wheels spin around 

I'm gonna free, free, free 

I'm gonna pass it around 

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