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Watch The World Going By Lyrics - Sun And Steel - Iron Butterfly

Do I feel like I should? 

Is there more? 

Can I steel 

and pretend it's just reward. 

Can I have all the love I've 

never had 

as I watch the world going by. 


Am I soon? 

Or am I just too late. 

Are your wrongs 

for preventing my escape? 

What we found isn't love 

but isn't hate 

as we watch the world going by. 


Watch the world going by. 

Times we lost were times 

we never tried. 

Watch the world going by. 


You begin and you give love, 

there's no end somewhere, someday. 

As you stop to break away. 

But do you see 

All the things that meet the eye 

when you watch the world going by. 

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