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Joseph Arthur

Genres: Rock

Crackerjack Box Lyrics - Joseph Arthur


We almost died 

On our way to Toronto 

The plane was shaking all around 

I put my teeth in my heart 

And my dreams 

Back on the ground 



We almost lived 

In love 

With each other 

My heart was shaking all around 

I put my teeth in a plane and i prayed 

It would never 

Come back down 



My daddy said 

"One thing you can count on 

Is things will change." 

And he was right 

Though i never realized 

It would be 

The light fading from your eyes 

And if we could re-live 

All those wonderful times 

Maybe i would appreciate you more 



That's how it goes 

Liking a tattoo 

>From a crakerjack box 

Put it on the wrist 

And wish it was LSD 

So I would melt myself into infinity 

And recapture this lost humanity 

Or even 

Maybe turn into a crocodile 

See ya later alligator 


Copyright: Atv Music Publishing Llc, Sony