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Men Of Good Fortune Lyrics - Lou - Joseph Arthur

It's one day morning 

You miss yesterday, tomorow's coming gaain, so fast that's already today 

You'll never get put down going into the base be in the New York city 

You got a lied and getting poay 

You gotta ask that you all ashamed 

Get us some beauty, try to stay together on amazing blaze 

Alwayse try to porve you're being safe 

When they ask you what's your choice, you say I dance 

When whatever happend to you, you say I never had a chance 

I'm over and block come in 

Take a look at me, I'm at ball that won't flow out of sea 

And whe I try to compete for a sit 

And that edge you found out, the things is change whan the plan 

Will be the same, when the chain be 

You're never giving in and you say you will win 

As soon as you will be here again 

And we start to screen, I'm moving my sit 

How ever you meet just imagine me 

And I cut and know hat you dream about 

Is now way you see it, cuz it don't be good about me 


Good about me, around you 

Good about me around you 

Good about me around you 

Good about me around you 


Copyright: Sony Atv Music Pub Llc

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