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Sword Of Damocles Lyrics - Lou - Joseph Arthur

I see the sweet down the clease it's right down your head 

That shine uncheaping to get you out of bed 

The reality is took for a better day 

Cannot do for what she have 

Sure be killing, they must kill you 

Haze upon your head 

I see lots of people laughing 

More crushing is it just 

Last night I can't get this time 


And it's drown up stairs 

It's ready and he takes 

Too pretty but must kill you 

And it's morfhine and dexign dream 

We hit on on the street 

It kills the pain it keeps you up 

Discution game has to turn 

And right means something is hanging above your head 

It's deep down and don't sleep fair 

I gotta fix all you would know 

They did something what it could last 

Stop we don't know about it 

I know you hit thet mistic shit 

It's just how you see it 


Copyright: Spirit One