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Weight Of Love Lyrics - This Woman - Leann Rimes

Written by Marcel 


Accept me for who I am 

That I'm only human 

And there are more important things 

Then what we fight about 

We won't always see eye to eye 

We say hurtful things, sometimes 

And it gets hard when you love someone so much 



Everybody's got highs, and lows 

It's alright 

Its the weight of love 

Highs and lows, it's alright 

Oh, It's the weight of love 




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Remember our first kiss 

And how we melted in our seats 

There will never be a January 

As warm in Tennessee 

It was an angel in the night 

Nothing's ever felt so right 

And even the stars over our backyard 

Don't shine sometimes 




(repeat chorus) 


We will grow old together 

Even for worse or better 

Nothing will ever keep us apart 


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