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With You Lyrics - This Woman - Leann Rimes

A little stretch of river on a big green field 

The kind you see from airplanes baby, that's the deal, that's the deal 

A place to plan a future a place to keep the past 

A place to raise some kids what's wrong with that, wrong with that 


Maybe it's the same routine 

Walking on the concrete 

Running like a river so deep 

Wearin' down my high heels 

Wearin' down my high ideals 

Of what I thought my life was supposed to be 




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Everybody's got a weakness some kind of kryptonite 

Wearing em' down 

Everybody's got dreams they can't let go of don't they baby 

Everybody has a little secret they keep inside and mine's 

Livin' happily ever afterly 

With you, with you 


I want to paint the world with the colors that I see 

Every time I close my eyes and you're kissin' me, kissin' me 

I wanna wake up in your arms so far from here 

I wanna get lost in the dark and know you're near, know you're near 




Maybe it's an old love song playing up louad on the radio 

Bringin' these thoughts on 

Getting me thinking that there might be a little bit more than 

What im working for 

Or maybe it's just me 


[repeat chorus] 


Everybody's got a weakness 


[repeat chorus] 

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