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Buffalo Party Of 1865 Lyrics - Singles - Leave This World Blind

Take it from me, I'm hardly dreaming 

I'd rather spend my days awake than days away 

while sleeping. 

Verse: Scream for help, Who are you calling to? 

I was all you had, (all you had) 

you alone capture something I've never known 

with you alone I'd take away the days of insecurity 

one by one I'd line the mountains for her I'd rather spend 

my days awake than sleeping, awake than sleeping 

How I walk this alone, who can I trust, may I believe in you? 

With that knife in your hand, you got me this time, But you won't 

have a next, you've seen nothing yet. How are you going to get out of this? 

Your time is up, There is no running from this now you must walk this alone. 

You make me sick, I see right through your smile, You think you could get anywhere 

with that bullshit?!, You're not fooling anyone I'm glad you're gone I wanted nothing 

more for you to leave my life