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Frozen Feathers Lyrics - Singles - Leave This World Blind

Creation without imagination has no backbone 

Like threads of ore and stone, they never grow (they never grow) 

It must feel so hopeless living inside that mirror 

Portraits, this white noise, anxiety borders your fear 

If you wish to leave your mark 

Lead with your own feet, follow your heart 

For every mile there is a star 

The brightest light evolves from it's spark 

You follow the founders in an attempt to craft your own name 

All at once you become a mindless clone, molded to any shape 

Reality will speak through the mouths of the courageous 

Genuine artists put themselves before the masses 

Capture every second and act according to instinct 

With every breath recollect your native thoughts, don't blink 

Reservoirs containing unscathed matter 

Somber, you fall, clinging to those desperate attempts 

Let the record show your efforts stand for everyone but yourself 

Wasted time you spend being somebody else 

Stay golden, treasure your differences 

Disassemble these fences