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Alone Together Lyrics - Singles - Marleys Ghost

The rain fell soft on old Monterey. 

There was nothing left that I could say. 

Your mind was made and your heart was all undone. 

Those few words spoken far too much, 

as we lay so close, so out of touch, 

alone together waitin' for the dawn. 

A red-tail sailed towards the rainbow's end. 

It's a shame we can't get back again 

to that night we tripped the light down St. Charles Avenue. 

Best plans are laid, then romance fades 

as the grand illusion falls from view. 

When the feeling's gone even all of the right words just wont do. 


And we had a dream that lasted 

to stand the test of time. 

But it don't look like we passed it 

and it hurts to say good-bye. 

I detect a weary smile these days, 

I guess it's better than the hurt and the hate. 

We've come along way, known every shade of emotion 

So we'll let the chips fall where they may, 

hold out for some brighter day, 

like the sunlight playing on the restless ocean.