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Trouble On The Line Lyrics - Singles - Marleys Ghost


Lord, I think I need a double. 

But it's allright, 

it's just the way I feel tonight. 

I'll be fine. 

Trouble on the line. 

Trouble on the line. 

I could tell by the sound 

she had changed her mind 

and her heart had turned around. 

That's a fatal sign 

there's trouble on the line. 


A phone that rings at midnight ain't got nothing good to say. 

She just called to tell me she's a thousand miles away. 

Long gone this time, 

Trouble on the line. 



Whiskey and a song, 

That's how I pass the night along, 

hoping to forget 

all the heartache and regret 

'til I leave behind 

trouble on the line, 

trouble on the line, 

trouble on the line.