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Beez In Da Trap(remx) Lyrics - Singles - Marquise Minaj

Marquise Minaj Verse: 

Yeah I beez in the trap 

Put my money on dat 

If a hater get it twisted 

Getta a backhand smack 

Let me supersize it quadrupleize it 

Cuz I beez up in dat trap and my dukes be divin 

Oh you must be jiving 

Like a bee Im hivin 

just release my brand new mixtape 

and I bet yu buyin 

straight jacket im black 

money tall with them stacks and if 

you gotta problem meet me in dat trap 

Bow aye oh 


You should know 

Tell a hater lets go 

Wit the flow tell a hater get it uo 

Marquise getting money baby tell a hater kick it up