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I Dun Been Came Thru Lyrics - Singles - Marquise Minaj

Marquise dun been came thru 

im just taking over the throne 

keep it high or keep it low 

i got these haterz in a dump truck 

i know you wants some 

come and taste the flavor hunney 

fake dudez and fake gurlz 

yeah they kno they get stuck 

my mama told me to have great expectationz 

one day ill rule the world and take over the generation 

haterz lookin stupid when im spittin 

little crusty snitch 

you betta run and tell the deacon 

last time i checked 

i was in the studio 

me and my motivation goin ham 

just thought i should let you kno 

and ill use your heaf d like its 

my trophy 

haterz so wack cuz the kno they couldnt 

hold me 

call me undefined 

dnt bring up a definiton 

twinkle twinkle little star 

while you niggaz still still wishin 

on a star 

i think im gone fly to mars 

i dun been came thru(2x) 

Marquise minaj he dun been came thru (2x) 

i dun been came thru (2x)