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Concrete Bed Lyrics - The Weight Is A Gift - Nada Surf

The world's locked up in your head 

You've been pouring it a concrete bed 

Your habits ossify 

You don't realize you're fried 

To find someone you love 

You've gotta be someone you love 

The reason's somewhere in the din 

But it takes years 'til it sinks in 

You've used up the easy streets 

And you lost your taste for treats 

So fried 

Stay high if you have to 

Do whatever it asks you 

You've got another calling 

Don't let it pass you 

You know it coz you wrote it 

You just didn't think you'd actually do it 

It's just another wish you wished 

In a very long list 

To find someone you love 

You've gotta call your own bluff 

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