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Do It Again Lyrics - The Weight Is A Gift - Nada Surf

Well I'd snap to attention 

If I thought that you knew the way 

I'd open my mouth 

If I had something smart to say 

I bought a stack of books 

I didn't read a thing 

It's like I'm sitting here 

Waiting for birds to sing 

Let's do it again 

Come on let's do it again 

Please let's do it again 

The hum of the clock 

Is a far-away place 

The azalea air holding your face 

You're lying down 

And the moon is sideways 

From the hot to the cold 

It never gets old 

I spend all my energy 

Staying upright 

And I like the masking noise quiet 

Of your breathing nearby 

I want you lazy science 

I want some peace 

Are you the future? 

Show me the keys 

When I accelerate 

I remember why it's good to be alive 

Like a twenty-five cent game 

Maybe this weight was a gift 

Like I had to see what I could lift 

I spend all my energy 

Walking upright 

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