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As The Twilight Gave Birth To The Night Lyrics - Vittra - Naglfar

As the twilight gave birth to the night 

I walked into the forest 

The twisted trees clawing at the skies 

These are my true domimions 

The mist glows red and ablaze the sky 

and the funeral wind blows cold 

This is where I shall sacrifice 

Here I will end my mortal life 

Seduced by the October moon 

drowning in it's frozen grace 

Tempting my nocturnal lusts 

Bathing my pale cold face 

These dark forests are singing to me 

In tongues it cries my name 

Bidding me into it's deep dark womb 

where my spirit forever shall dwell 

And a cold wind of evil 

whispers my name in the forest, 

I dance with witches and trolls 

As the twilight gave birth to the night 

I am here... Forever 

My burial place will be the mountains, 

the forests and the seas 

And so my name shall be remembered 

for all eternity 

And still it cold wind of evil 

whispers my name 

in the forest as my spirit dance with 

witches and trolls 

Their hymns are praising me 

For I am heir newborn king... 


These dark surroundings are mine, 

from smallest slone to the tallest tree 

And so I will to be ruler of this night 

I will reign in divinity