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Sunless Dawn Lyrics - Vittra - Naglfar

Hear the howlings in the night 

I'm one with it's might 

Enchanted by the calling cries 

As I gaze into the sombre skies 

Awaiting the shining, 

the fire neverseen 

Waiting for the darkened path which'll 

lead me straight 

to the one who dance in my dreams 

In surrounding flames I must be 


Wolves run by my side 

As I walk towards eternity 

In hate they'll gather with my shadows 

as the moon arise 

A scent of twilight 

Into fading woods I march 

I glimmer a shyness in the red 

In eternal dreams I drown... 

As the children of Fenris 

sang their fullmoon serenade 

I made love to the midnight winds 

The forest embraced me 

with it's impurity 

In ecstasy my tears fell 

like autumn silver rain 

Now I stand above the human race 

I've solved it all, the mystery of night 

It's revealed to me 

With a smile I see 

These stars (unseen) formalion 

that breeds my sunless dawn