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Comfortably Dumb Lyrics - Singles - Naked Aggression

Ignorance is rich man's life Comfortably dumb husband and wife Can't raise a 

conscience, there's no conscience to be raised Kill the rich now, think of 

all the lives we'll save If you're a threat they'll put you down Collective 

action they won't push you around You work for them, they don't work at all 

Wildcats strike! Watch big bussiness fall KILL THE RICH, KILL THE RICH, 

BEFORE THEY KILL YOU! Ignorance is a closed mind The best weapon big bussiness 

can find They'll take from you all they can get But they haven't beaten us 

yet! If you're a threat they'll put you down Collective action they won't put 

you around You work for them they don't work at all Wildcats strike! KILL THE 


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