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Paul Mccartney

Genres: Rock

Movement Vii - Crises Lyrics - Paul Mccartney

The world you're coming into is no easy place to enter 

Every day is haunted by the echoes of the past 

Funny thoughts and wild, wild dreams 

Will find their way into your mind 


The clouds that hang above us 

May be full of rain and thunder 

But in time they slide away 

To find the sun still there 


Lazy days and wild, wild flowers 

Will bring some joy into your heart 

And I will always love you 

I'll welcome you into this world 




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You're mine and I will love you 


Where's my dinner? 

I've been working hard all day 

And a man can work up quite an appetite that way 


What's for dinner? 

Something nourishing and hot? 

I could tackle quite a lot of 'you know what' 

And all I've got to say to you is 'Why no dinner?' 


I've got nothing on my plate 

It's expected of a mate 

Why'd ya have to make me wait? 

Where's my 


This is the way we put out the candle 

Farewell to childhood 

Deep in the wild wood a fire goes out 

And what are we left with 

Now we are grown up? 


This is the way we pull up the anchor 

Goodbye to romance 

Out on the ocean a good ship is lost 

And what are we left with 

Now we are grown up? 


Time to be thinking of real life feelings 

I must get on 


Time to be buying those little trinkets I can't afford 

Lord knows I want to give her the best 

But where will I find the rest of the cash? 


It's one mad dash to fame and fortune 

The cymb 


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