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Paul Mccartney

Genres: Rock

Movement Viii - Peace Lyrics - Paul Mccartney


And so it was that you were born 

Into this world one winter morning, 

With a childish innocence you smiled at me 

And I was born again. 


Boy solo 

Non nobis solum 

Sed toti mundo 


Boys' choir 


Mundo nati. 




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Boy solo 

Toti mundo nati. 


Men's chorus 

God is good 

And he will be our savior, 

All we need 

Is in his power to give us. 

Let the light that lies within 

His heart 

Illuminate our being. 


Full chorus 

God is good 

And with this thought to guide us 

We will live 

In joyful contemplation. 

Let the love that lives within your heart 

Illuminate your being. 



What people want is a family life, 

The strength of a home and a moat round the castle. 

Pull up the drawbridge, 

Staying at home with the family. 


All people want is a family life, 

Sometimes they find that it isn't so easy. 

People can argue, 

Life can be hard on a family. 



Mum's in the kitchen, she won't speak to dad. 



Uncle's ashamed of the good time he had. 



Brothers and sisters are lifting the roof 

With the music they play all night. 



But people still want a family life, 

Nothing replaces the love and affection. 

Pull up the drawbridge 

Tempers are frayed, but it's like that. 



Don't be dismayed if it's like that. 



Like that. 



You're not obeyed but you like that -family life. 


Boys and altos 

God is good. 

In him we'll live for ever, 


Inside his grace and glory, 


Full chorus 

Safe and sound 

In his eternal love 

We have found salvation. 



Dad's in the garden, he won't speak to m 


Mary dee mother. 



Uncle's in bed with a pain in his... 



The devil is evil 



And God is good. 


Mary dee 

The devil is evil 


Shanty with a d. 


Mary dee 

And God is good 


Shanty without an o. 


Mary dee and nurse God is good without an o. 


Shanty and preacher 



Mary dee and nurse 

And so we are grateful for harmony 

For we will be faithful 


Shanty and preacher 



Mary dee, nurse, shanty and preacher 



Full chorus 


God is good, 

The universal savior. 

Trust in him 

To lead us through the darkness. 

Live in love and when the battle's won 


Mary dee and nurse 

Live in peace. 


Shanty and preacher 

Live in peace. 


Full chorus 

Live in peace for ever. 


Solo quartet 

Live in peace. 


All live in peace together. 



So on and on the story goes 

From day to day throughout our lives. 


Mary dee 

What can we do, 

That's how it grows. 

I am with you, 


Mary dee and shanty 

Our love survives. 



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