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Really Love You Lyrics - Flaming Pie - Paul Mccartney

Well, I need you 

Through the night 

When morning comes 

I love the light. 

But in the night-time 

That dark is black 

Come on baby 

You got to help me get back 


I love you, oh yeah 

I really love you, oh yeah 

ooh ooh ooh ooh 


Do one thing 

Do one thing for me 

If you've got love 

Then let me see 




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If you feel it in your heart 

Then show it right now 

You know I love you baby 

I gotta get to you, get to you somehow 


Oh yeah, I really love you 

Oh yeah, I really love you 

You know it's true 


I really love you 

Day and night 

Yeah, I really love you 

In the morning light 

I really love you 

Sure be right 

Come on little baby 

Gotta find out somehow 


Yeah, yeah, really love you 

Oh yeah, really love you 


I love the things 

You say and do 

I can't get over 

How much I love you 


You know you do something 

Special to me 

And that's the way 

I want it always to be, yeah 


Oh yeah, I really love you 

Oh yeah, I really love you 


I need your love 

Like a bear needs a break 


I need your heart, baby 

Hopping on a plate 


I need the sunshine 

Of your smile 

Help me walk 

Help me walk that extra mile 


Little baby, I love you 

Oh yeah, you know I really love you 

Oh yeah, you know it's true 

Oh yeah, I love you 


I love you 


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