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Paul Mccartney

Genres: Rock

Sally G Lyrics - Paul Mccartney

Sally, Sally, pride of our alley, 

You're more than the whole world to me. 

Sally, Sally, don't ever wander 

Away from the alley and me. 



'Ladies and gentlemen, Reginald Dixon and the Blackpool Tower Orchestra. 

Come on Reg! Lovely! Lovely! Lovely! 

I love the way this boy plays, I love it! 

Marvellous, marvellous, I love it, I love it!' 


Oh now when you're away there are grey skies, 

And when I'm away there are even more grey skies 

Than the grey skies I talked about before. 


Sally, Sally, don't ever wander 

Away from the alley and me. Oh. 




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'Thank you, thank you, thank you so much. 

Thank you, thank you so much. 

For coming here to Batley tonight. 

So lovely! 

Thank you so much!' 


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