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Summertime Lyrics - Choba B Cccp (back In The Ussr) - Paul Mccartney

It's summertime 

And living is easy 

The fish are jumpin' 

And the cotton is high, oh 


Your daddy's rich 

And your mama's good lookin' 

So hush, hush little baby 

Don't, don't you cry 


One of these mornings 

Oh, you're gonna rise up singin' 

Oh, then you'll spread your wings 

And you take to the sky 




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But till that morning, yeah 

Ain't nothing gonna harm you 

So hush, so hush little baby 

Now don't, don't you cry, hey 


One of these mornings 

One of these mornings 

You're gonna rise up singin' 

Oh, rise up singin' 


One of these mornings 

One of these mornings 

One of these mornings 

You're gonna rise up singin', ooh 

You're gonna spread your wings 

And you'll take to the sky 


Oh, but till that morning, morning 

Ooh baby, ain't nothing can go harm you 

With your daddy and mammy 

Daddy and mammy, daddy and mammy standing by 

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