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Big Sky Lyrics - Singles - Retard-o-bot

big sky look down upon the people 

looking up at the big sky 

everybody pushing one another around 

big sky feels sad when he sees the children 

scream and cry 

but big sky's too big to let it get him down 


big sky too big to cry 

big sky too high to see 

people like you and me 

one day we'll be free 

we won't care, just you see 

till that day can be, 

dont let it get you down. 


when i feel that the world is too much for me 

i think of the big sky 

and nothing matters much to me 


big sky looks down on all the people 

who think they've got problems 

the get depressed 

and they hold their head in their hand 

and cry 

people lift up their hands 

and they look up to the big sky 

but big sky's too big to sympathize