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Cliche Lyrics - Singles - Retard-o-bot

Yo..Yo..Yo..UH.. Yeah.. Yo.. Yo.. Word..Yo.. 

Hey.. is this thing on? (Yo) Can't hear nothing.. 

Hey my boy engineer, Turn that shit up..Yo, ya hear what he's saying? 

Yo engineer (engineer) Turn my shit up (turn my boy's shit up!) 

Turn his headphones up motherfucker, he can't hear that shit.. uh.. uh.. 


Step the fuck back, but then go BLAHHH 

Me and my crew, yo, we do it like that 

But a cap back, but we'll be back 

All ya'll retards be layin out flat 

Gold and platinum, i got that shit 

Spendin cash, yo, i do that shit 

Chromin' rims yo, i got that whip 

Brain and a whip from a dime ass bitch 

Can't play in mine, yo, my rhymes is whack 

I fucked your bitch, AND she sucked my dick 

slangin shit, yo, and that be a fact 

fuck with my shit you're rockin crack 


Head and seed im crystal cold 

fuck more bitches than i am years old 

yound and rich and rollin hard 

charging shit to my platinum card 

come in hard now spread that shit 

my dicks the size of a battleship 

a bulletproof, 8 ship change 

bumpin in the srop top head with brain 

triple beamin all night long 

got knocked off but i came back strong 

guns and gas i gotta have that shit 

hoes and bitches, yo i love that shit 

Fararr, Jaguar and limo stretch 

Brain and whip, yo i love that best 

Step up bitch i'll knock you down 

Bitch you know that i run this town 


i get head, brain and a blow job too 

i proly gets more brain then you 

everytime i go cruisin down the strip with my family 

i get brain and a whip 

Frankly, im tired of all ya'll niggahs talkin shit behind my back 

that shit whack 

im finnda pull out my strap, cut it back, and bust a cap up in yo ass niggah