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Sugar Ray

Genres: Rock

Cold Metal Lyrics - Sugar Ray


I played tag in the auto graveyard 

I looked up at the radio tower 

Rag tent by the railroad tracks 

Concrete poured over steel bridge 

Pondered my fate 

While they built the interstate 


I'm a product of America 

From the morgue to the prisons 

Cold metal, when I start my band 

Cold metal, in my garbage can 

Cold metal, gets in my blood 

And my attitude 




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Yeah, a huh 


Threw my hide in an automobile 

Heard a song called "Drive the wheel" 

Truckers, trailers, tractors caught me workin' 


This is the song of my heritage 

From the bad to the Buddha 

Cold metal, that's what it be 

Cold metal, from sea to sea 

Cold metal, it's how we win 

And also how we sin 

How we sin, how we sin, how we sin, how we sin 




Cold metal, in the afternoon 

Sounds lovely like a Stooges tune 

Cold metal, it's the father of beat 

The mother of the street 

Cold metal, it rolls on by 

Cold metal, gonna raise it high 

Cold metal, it's gotta be 

Better save a tree 

Save a tree, save a tree, save a tree, save a tree 



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