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Halfway Up My Head Lyrics - Freedumb - Suicidal Tendencies

(Muir, Pleasants) 


I don't know what is it 

But I'm acting like I know 

I don't like what I see 

But I never let it show 

You can not understand 

What you were not meant to find 

So I lock it in a vault 

Halfway up my head 

Halfway up my head 


Halfway up head 

Halfway up my head - that's where it got stuck 

If you're trying to change me - well you're just out of luck 

I know what I am and how I must be 

Halfway up my head 




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Halfway up my head 

It got stuck 

Halfway up my head 


Halfway up my head in a back of a file 

I put up a front with a wink and a smile 

All of the things that you've done and you've said 

Halfway up my head Halfway up my head 




When I don't know what to think 

Then I don't know what to say 

When I don't know what to do 

I still do it anyway 


So if I sound confused 

You're listening all wrong 

I take it piece by piece 

And I cut what gets to long 

Halfway up my head 




Halfway up my head 

That's where it got lost 

Don't like what you said so the message got tossed 

You can not lock up what was meant to run free 

The spirit in me, the spirit in me 

I don't ask for no help and I won't 


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