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Naked Lyrics - Freedumb - Suicidal Tendencies



I'm harmless won't you help me 

I'm sickness only you can heal me 

I promise that I always be there 

I'm naked under my clothes 


I'm feeling naked 

I feel naked 


My heart's bleeding why don't you help me 

I'm screaming but still nobody hears 




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Helpless and naked 

Helpless and naked 

Helpless and naked 

Naked, naked, naked, I'm naked 


I'm harmless till I hate you 

I'm tasteless that's why I'm with you 

I'm sensless even on payday 

I'm naked under my clothes 


You saw me naked, you saw me naked 


I'm saddned by all my failures 

It's a good thing 

I real good things I don't try 


I miss you whenever I'm with you 

Cause I thought that, 

I thought that you were someone else 




I saw you naked, 

I saw you naked, 

I saw you naked, 

Naked under our clothes 

We're all naked under our clothes 

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