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No Name, No Words Lyrics - Join The Army - Suicidal Tendencies

I close my eyes, yet I still see 

I can not hide from what's inside of me 

I hear my thoughts, but they're not clear 

And now I tremble with fear 


No one can tell me what's sane 

You see the tears I cry 

But you can't feel my pain 

No title can classify me 

I'm a person with feelings 

A number I refuse to be 

Don't try to live my life 

You cannot talk for me 

Now I'm on the brink, brink of insanity 

Sometimes I stare into space 

I try to think about another place 

Where happiness I'll see 

I'll find a place for me and find some sanity 

Sometimes I look at you 

And I wonder what will I do 

Will my mind stay intact 

How will I react, will I do any harm to you 

Open my eyes, but I can't see 

Maybe the hatred has blinded me 

There's not a sound, yet I still hear 

Now the pain is so clear 


Sometimes I stop to think 

Or maybe my thinking just stops 

Doesn't matter anyway 

No one hears what I say, I'm on the brink of insanity 

Well I know him but not his name 

In everyone, yet not the same 

Play with the cards i'm dealt, worse I never felt 

I'm playing a sick man's game 




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