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Six The Hard Way

Genres: Metal
Total songs: 6
Year: 1998

What's The Word? Lyrics - Six The Hard Way - Suicidal Tendencies

So what's the word? 

I'm looking for a word that can ease the pain 

That we all suffer from living in a world that's insane 

A simple word I could shout out or blurt 

And that would take away all of the hurt 

A word to soothe your soul when the tears flow 

And that would make the smile on your face glow 

Bury your bad memories in a deep grave 

Free your mind from the chains of an emotional slave 

A word as pretty as a purple sunset 

A word so powerful you'll never forget 

That I'd be willing to do anything for you 

But I just need to know what to do 


I'm looking for a word, is it a secret word? 

I wish there was a word 




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I wish there was a word that could help you heal 

That could take away all the pain you feel 

Not asking for a word that can cure a disease 

Just a word to put your mind at ease 

I'm looking for a way to communicate 

That all the people on the earth can relate 

I'm looking for a word that won't let you down 

That'll give you strength when I'm not around 

A word that can fill you up when you're past empty 

A peaceful place in your mind that's is always rent free 


Yea I got to slow down 

Cause too much is going down 

How many times can one person cry? 

How many times can one person die? 


I'm looking for the word, that special magic word 

I'm looking for the word, the secret word 




So what's the word? 

So what's the word? 

My, my, my, another lie 

Why, why, why, you got to lie? 


So what's the word? 

I spend too much time wondering what the hell is wrong with me 

Where all you see is joy, pain is all I see 

Suffocating in a world full of schemers 

(Who are) Taking advantage of the hopes of the dreamers 

I need a word to let you know that I need help 

Cause sometimes I get so down on myself 

Trying to find my place in this madness 

Drowning myself in a cesspool of sadness 


Yea I got to slow down 

Cause it's getting so out of hand 

Half of my homies that stood so proud next to me 

Are doing time in the state penitentiary 


Lie. lie, lie, until you die 

Lie, lie, lie, until you die 

So what's the word? 

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