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Dream Lover Lyrics - Together Forever - The Marshall Tucker Band


(Jerry Eubanks, George McCorkle) 


Was a time when friends of mine said 

Love was just a game 

Find a girl and give her a whirl, then 

Move on, all the same 


But I was never happy 

Always searching for this one 

The dream to be my lover 

And the dream she'd give me a son 




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I've searched this whole world over 

'Bout a hundred times or more 

Always looking for a girl I could love 

Forever more 


Dream lady, sexy Sadie, oh, I've dreamed 

All my life of you 

Dream lover, there's no other, oh girl 

You could make all my dreams come true 




Dream lover, oh, where are you? 

If I could find you I'd love you true 

Dream lover you're in my mind 

Oh, lord, why does love have to be so unkind? 




But I found a girl with loving 

One to share my hopes and dreams 

A friend to stand beside me 

And the lover of my dreams 




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