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Everybody Needs Somebody Lyrics - Together Forever - The Marshall Tucker Band


(Jerry Eubanks, Doug Gray, George McCorkle) 


Listening for a faint sound 

Gazing out the window I see 

Winds blowing clouds 

Wish they were taking me 

A lonesome song on the radio 

Reminds me of where I'd like to be 






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Everybody needs somebody 

To help them make it through life 

Arms to hold, words to soothe 

Someone to say that it's all right 


Too many miles of road, I really can't complain 

These LONELY hotel rooms are driving me insane 

My life's a hard life, wouldn't have it any other way 

Someday darling, I'll be coming home to stay 






Songs of the highway, one night stands 

It can take it's toll on any kind of man 

Lord, I miss you and I ain't afraid to say 

Someday darling, I'll be coming home to stay 


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