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Eclipse Of Souls Lyrics - Singles - Vampiria

Almighty lord of dark, let the chaos begin, wash their sins with blood and clean the world of weaks. 


Illusions: faith and hope, definitevely erased, the black soul is rising to eclipse the earth and sky. 


Impious darkness rise she, black queen of chaos, the malevolence starts the great eclipse of souls. 


Infernal majesty , the sky will be your throne we're waiting for your words, as disciples of wrath. 


The dark age was marked with the seventh seal now broked, preachers of lies to lethean's waters. 


Sentence and pain for blind and weak sheeps, luxury and pleasure for natural being. Oh! hear the laments and creak of bones is a collosal show, 

to see the angels fall, death is playing her funeral march and you will dance with this funeral march.