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Legend Of A Curse Lyrics - Singles - Vampiria

Far away in time, in a lonely kingdom 

Lived an ancient cast who kept a dark treasure 

Cenderus attends the kingdom gates 

But some day he failed and the curse escaped 


Beware, they are free now, beware, they are walking by your side 

Under the spell of He, the prince Nosferatu, they've got immortal 

Life a gift that is a curse, this curse was called Vampiria 

Master of the night, slaves of blood, condemned to live from dusk 'til dawn 


Eternal existence, with a price paid in blood, far away from death 

But walking beside she, beware they're free now 

Beware, you're the chosen one 

Master, you promise me eternal life, I'm waiting for you 


Copyright: Criterion Music Corporation