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Pine Box Parade Lyrics - Singles - Vanax

You're blinded by innocence 

While I am left 

To sit and endure 

The tragedy of man 


While brothers kill brothers 

And families are hung 

You fail to observe 

The nature of your tongue 


You constantly say 

Things you'll never mean 

You always leave with 

The best of me 


what in the world will make you see 

you're a stranger to cruelty? 


Call me despair if you lose your redemption 

Even holy water can cast a reflection 


These candid poems 

Miss the betrayal 

And homicides 


Your smile 

seems to forget 

About all the fucking lies 


I am bitter, worn, and bleak 

(you're beautiful and young) 

We differ too much to be 

I'll always remember you 

And all you've done for me. 


Please keep me in your heart 

Tonight in secrecy I depart