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Rickety Rickety Rattlesnake Lyrics - Singles - Vanax

What Have i done? 


I should have no thoughts of hell 

Though i fear it 

I should have no love for her 

Though I can't help but feel it 


This town can never be 

Home to me 

There is no plea 

That will relieve these sins 

Can I run? 


I pray the cold of desert night 

Will freeze my awful thoughts 

So my life begins anew 


I Pray The light of the sunrise 

Will lead me correctly 

I follow it blindly 


She'll write sonnets of the heartache 

Sonnets I'll never again read 

These thoughts constantly breed 

Making this weight unbearable 


What the fuck kind of man am I? 

What the fuck kind of man Am I? 


I pray that the light of the sunrise 

Will burn out your eyes