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Scar Of An Angel Lyrics - Seraphic Clockwork - Vanden Plas

I saw the ashes of the world 

Visions from the night hall 

Will extinguish in my empty room 

And then I speak a shallow prayer 

We are going nowhere 

Heal me - Save me 


Fast comes a breeze rushing over Rome 

And clouds run away from a thunderstorm 

Flickering lights hiding things in elysian skies 

The dust of the stars in the universe 

Reflecting implosions from other worlds 

Outside this phenomenon she comes 

Deceiving my eyes 

Then I hear the voice of an angel 


Heal the world - Save me now 

"Red eye" to Avantine 

Heal the world - One more chance 

For saving the Ambrylight 


Then I feel the frequencies of a ghost 

And dark mighty knights chasing angel hosts 

She's like a seraphic being, affecting me deep inside 


My head is a sepulcher of broken sense 

Then suddenly I perceive pestilence sway 

A thing with a raven coat under the mask of decay 

Inviting her to a Black Waltz death 

And I feel the scars of an angel 


Heal the world - Save me now 

Just for a few hundred years 

Heal the world - just this time 

For saving my Ambrylight 


Mia my Mia - Don't be afraid - Mia my Mia - 

Pray while I prey 

I sail upon the water - I lead you back again 

Charon is floating over and leads you back again 

Heal me - Save me - Heal me - Save me 

I sail upon the water 


Heal the world - Save me now 

You're the awaited sign 

Heal the world - One last chance 

For saving you - Ambrylight