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Sound Of Blood Lyrics - Seraphic Clockwork - Vanden Plas

Burning skies over Thyrrenian Sea 

Death rains obsidian ashes 

Dyeing the quarters of Rome 

In a sanguine light 

Incense playing with pestitentia 


In the ancient gear of time 

Hides a holy parasite 

Conjuring seraphic wheelworks 


Paint a reflection in my iris 

And let me hear the sound of blood 


Who are you sweet miracidium 

Get off possessed premonition 

Excise the thing 

Like a nail out of my wound 

Unsaintly inoculation 


I'm a jigsaw fallen down 

Missing parts were never found 

We're drowning in holy water 


There's a reflection in my iris 

Christus - Sanctus - Me vocat 

That helps me to hear the sound of blood 

Scriptum - Divinum - Illuminat 

Tears are the noeses of water 

A God's distillation of the flood 


Now I can see the sun arising 

And I can feel the sound of blood 

Tears are the noeses of water 

God's distillation of the flood