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Different Worlds Lyrics - Singles - Vandenberg

Things weren't so natural in the beginning 

We just let our hearts beat, this was love 

We lived from one day to another, the difference didn't bother us at all 

Then the day came, you took me home to your place 

I still can see them stare at my face, oh 


We should not be apart, just listen to your heart 

Different worlds keep us apart 

Then, from that day on, things were changing 

I could feel love slipping through my hands 

You started listening to their talking, suddenly one morning you were gone 

We shouldn't have lost, though we're from different worlds 

But you should let love show you the way, instead of them 

(chorus repeats 2x) 


(chorus repeats 2x) 



Copyright: Chappell Music, Inc., Warner

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