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Droog's Anthem Lyrics - The Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog

Gettin' head in the whip-call that v-neck 

Poppin' the collar 'fore I ever seen a check 

A droog barely saw the fruits of his labor 

And you hoppin' on the banana like Chiquita, ya dick eater 

Need to fall back and let my nuts breathe 

Plus you got no pull like a smut's weave during sex 

And you don't wanna get wet up 

Hog-tied and set-up, stripped out your get-up 

Get up! Stop cryin' on the floor, what you have to stunt for? 

We know that you don't want war 

You wanna talk about a peace plan 

Givin' info in the back of a police van 

(Where you at, son?) I'm in the house like C-SPAN 

Your Old Droog been a beast, man (check me out) 

Spittin' rhymes you can't quote with a weak throat 

You need a pack of Winstons, black coffee, and a peacoat 

I try to put it aside, but droogs, we need to provide 

Plus it won't leave me alone, alone 

And if I'm gonna do this, I need to be the biggest star that I can be, I can be, oh, oh 

Tricks wanna step to Droog and then they catch fade 

'Cause they bitch-made pullin' out a switchblade 

That's kinda trifle, cause that's a knife, fool 

You're just a parasite like the Eiffel 

Stifle yourself like Edith or get played 

Like a Paul Reed Smith, you and them cats you smoke weed with 

No G, get smacked up for free 

I see you laughin' to the bank but you're not all that you cracked up to be 

Hee... hee... ain't it funny like J-Lo and Jeffery 

And done effortlessly 

Pop shots like Steph Curry 

And your eye vision will be left blurry, eff a referee 

Swish, nothin' but net, with lotsa bank-ins 

Called by the O.G. Sacha Jenkins 

Link back up with my son, Irv 

Persistence does wonders, none of this is undeserved, the nerve 

Nobody gets in this shit to be regular 

I manhandle while you panhandle like a beggar, bruh 

Other cats is movin' bricks, I'm a slang slanger 

Set for life like a gang-banger 

To the death, and I got a lil' fame 

Keep it a hunnit like most points in a single game 

By Wilt Cham', Old Droog kilt the game 

Like your favorite rapper rockin' a skirt, don't it hurt? 

Pertinent, relevant when I spit 

You's a rodent, you ain't leavin' no dent in this shit 

There's more to this than makin' sentences fit 

You see I went in but I'm low-key ventin' 

It's more than just spittin' a hard bar 

I'm bringin' 'em more records than Nardwuar, check me out 

Gettin' love from college kids down at Seton Hall 

Without the hook on it, I be cheatin' y'all 




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