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Good Times Lyrics - The Your Old Droog - Your Old Droog

Good times 

Are hard to come by these days 

But I have fun, sometimes 

Especially when I see a dime little thing walking down the street 

Scoop her up 

You know how it is with bitches today 

Yo yo let me tell you all a little something what happened 

Met her on the D Manhattan-bound, butt was fat and round 

Her thick thighs were the perfect size, damn 

So let me upgrade to tropical fantasy ass 

Pharcyde: I could never let no pussy pass 

Now we talkin', she tellin' me where she go to school 

Gave me the Instagram so I could see more photos, cool 

I was real aggressive, tryna get at her the text way 

Check my Instagram and she unfollowed me the next day (damn) 

But I have fun, sometimes 

Sometimes, just a little bit at a time 

A lotta cats are freaks slipping in these streets 

On public transportation, but you know how it is 

I still remember... 

When she turned around and let those 34 double-D's disrespect my retinas 

She had a brolic forehead but I was still sweatin' her 

I'm over near C.I., she was from Far Rock' 

Coulda been my Michelle and I'd-a been her Barack 

This girl didn't appear to have many needs 

But before she gave me the number, made sure that I didn't have any seeds 

She was flowin', yo my swag was off the hinges, kid 

Few days later, she says "To be honest, I'm not really interested, sorry" 

Word? Oh, word? You don't even look that good anyway 

You bum-ass bitch 

You stressed out, we stressed out 

Yo, it's hot out here 

But we have fun, sometimes 

Fuck with the 8s though, the 7s 

6s, 2s, ugly-ass face, fat ass 

I caught her walkin' off the B1, felt like a rerun 

Lookin' like she could finish a Capri Sun 

With no straw and be down to go raw 

(A-yo) God bless, you'd be hard-pressed to find a flaw 

She got fished hook, even took the mandible claw 

God's gift to mankind had me rock-you see the tan line? 

Image gon' stay with'cha boy eternally 

Only problem is now it really burns when I pee (Hee!) 




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