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Getting To Know Each Other Lyrics - Singles - Ariel Rivera

I call you and you call me 

It's funny how we get on so easily 

We're just friends aren't we 

You've got yours, I've got mine 

And friends are all we ever could be 

(But) We're getting to know each other 

A little too well 

(Getting to know each other) 

(A little too well) 

We're starting to show our feelings 

And people can tell 

(Ooh, people can tell) 

Ev'ry time that your eyes meet mine 

I light up like a neon sign 

Yes, We're getting to know each other 

A little too well... 

(Getting to know each other) 

(A little too well...) 

We have lunch ev'ry now and then 

And I find myself humming love songs 

Again and again... 

Too many nights I'm workin' 'till ten 

And I hope that you know 

That It's hopeless to go on when... 

(Repeat except last line) 

(Getting to know each other...) 

Getting to know each other... 

A little too well... 

(Getting to know each other...) 

(A little too well...) 




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