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In A Lover's Eyes Lyrics - Singles - Ariel Rivera

All you see are endless skies 

Like an ocean lit by fireflies 

With a long deep breath 

I speak my heart 

Saying things 

I'm not sure just what they are 

A feeling catches me by surprise 

You can see forever 

In a lover's eyes 


I can stop myself 

But on I go 

Finding feelings 

I have never known 

There's hope beyond 

Your wildest dreams 

And the feeling 

Is nothing to extreme 

In a flash 

Tomorrow begins to rise 

You can see forever 

In a lover's eyes 


I can see your world 

Beautiful and new 

And although I'm not sure 

Where it's leading to 

We will travel on 

Our fate unknown 

And for once 

I know I'm not alone 

It's a trade we make 

A sacrifice 

Love never ending 

Is surely worth the price 

If we survive 

Love holds no greater price 

You can see forever 

In a lover's eyes 

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Copyright: Universal Music Publishing Group

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