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I Am Shit Lyrics - Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid - Crywank

language is scary 

when overanalyzed 

every word that i say 

seems far too contrived 

what are your intentions? 

i'm ashamed by mine 

when i'm thinking too much 

i realise i'm unkind 

pretend to be nicer 

than i'll ever be 

i'm selfish and deluded, enjoy my hypocrisy 

complain that i'm bored 

when being bored is a privilege 

act like i'm suffering, there's no suffering in this 


first world problems 

they breed in my head 

ethical contradictions between my actions and what i've said 

i should just shut my mouth 

as evidence piles against me 

that i'm so much worse, than i think 

exposed as a phoney 


i am shit 

i am shit 

naenaenaenae, fucking dick 

i am shit 

i am shit 

naenaenaenae nae nae! 

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