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Leech Boy Lyrics - Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid - Crywank

I feel like a leech to everyone around me 

unsure and false promises I make. 

I invade your existence with my dependence 


and leave you guilt tripped until you take 

care of me, for If not I will surely die. 

I don't feed or clean myself and I am always high, 

putting pipe dreams before the necessities in life. 

Without your help I have no hope to survive. 

Now I know that sounds pathetic, 

that's because that's what I am. 

So open about my flaws 

but it's all part of my plan. 

For If I can recognize my flaws 

you'll assume I'm trying to change, 

but I am lazy and disheartened 

and I know I will remain the same. 

Taking all you can give me trying to live in excess. 

You know you'll make my life much easier, I'll make your life a mess. 

Squirm away stupid leech boy go and die now in the drain, 

you speak only of your sadness but are yet to feel true pain. 


As I get older I also worsen. 

I used to be a better person. 

Growing into a constant burden. 

Introducing man child. 


I am scared I'll lose my job because I always go in stoned, 

If I do will you feed me, take me in and hear me moan. 

If you don't I'm on your concience and will surely die alone. 

Invite me in to regret it as I take over your home. 

Oh so useless and demanding no I will not help out with chores. 

I'll bring no money or conversation. Unmotivated and bored. 

Staring blankly into space absorbing all you have worked for, 

I will dissapoint those who think I can do more. 

I warn you now to avoid me. 

I may not bite the hand that feeds, 

but I will wrap my lips around it 

and I will suck off all the meat. 

You'll be left feeling used once you find out I'm a leech, 

I'll take all yuo can give and then I will up and leave. 

No shame or dignity left in me as I scout out brand new friends 

to invade with my dependence and let it start again. 

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