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Only Everyone Can Judge Me Lyrics - Tomorrow Is Nearly Yesterday And Everyday Is Stupid - Crywank

Hivemind is scary, I feel vulnerable and stupid. 

Waiting for a new embarrassment to go and tear right through me. A dependent fruitless animal, watch me brimming with shame. 


This confidence I fake only makes matters worse. I am not a stallion, I am just perverse. Hopeless, and docile, and tamed. 


Another day I won't remember, another day I wished away. 

Tedious days punctuated by dismay, everyday feels the same. 


It's the routine, and it's the regret. 

That makes me worse yet. 


Did I forget your name or make a joke and no-one laughed? 

Did I come across as stupid or did I cum too fast? 

This isn't a brave face, this is a mask. 


Now I remember it doesn't take much to make me feel small 

Are you remember?

Mr. Pine

Artist: Eisley

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