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Breaking In Lyrics - Singles - Ctrl Freak

Looking back brings the worst out in me 

How I wish I could sleep 

I don't want to remember a thing 

I've been out here for weeks 


Try to catch the words as they left my mouth 

Came into my brain, shouldn't let them out 

Still I wanna know, can you hear me now? 


Stretched so thin 

Every night you're calling in 

That's why your head spins 

Thoughts of lies breaking in 


I've become 

Everything you said I was 

So be calm 

You're all I every think about 


Give it up, you've got nothing on me 

Crawling round on your knees 

Heard you said you were coming for me 

Well, that's the word on the street 


I've become everything you said I was 


I, I've become 

So be calm