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Real Eyes Lyrics - Singles - Ctrl Freak

Stuck in this hole, it's a part of me, never seen 

I've been bad but never to this degree 

All that you want is apologies, out of me 

I don't care, it's over, you're killing me 


You don't know me the way that you think you do 

I lost my mind, but I will always be here for you 


No matter how much that it still hurts me 

I could never let you go 

And even if I, I still had everything 

Without you I am so alone 


Adding insult to my injuries, cutting me 

Thoughts like knives make telepathic lobotomies 

All that I need is your sympathy, I'll leave the key 

One last time, so thanks for the memories 


I've got a mouth like a gun, no control 

Real eyes realise 


Real eyes realise real lies