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Through Broken Eyes Lyrics - Singles - Ctrl Freak

I sit back disconnected, and have another to drink 

'til vodka tastes like it's water 

I won't stop disregarding, you'll have to drag me to hell 

Where legends continue living 


This war of minds will never be forgotten 

I can feel it through the stone 

A fucking execution 

This is sure to be it, so let go 


You tied me down 

You kept me away 

You clipped my wings 

I'm not gonna stay 


Blood pouring from my eyes 

But I'll see you in time 

Through broken eyes 

(This is surely it, so just let go) 


Send shivers down my spine 

I see the world ignite 

Through broken eyes 

(This is surely it, so just let go) 


Come on, string me up then, I swear to god if I find you 

I will rip you apart, bitch 

This cycle keeps repeating, an endless waging of wars 

You can't admit that you're wrong 


On this world alone 

Atop the masses that are weaker 

As I let go of rage building and building 

Staring at those who welcome defeat 

This is surely it, so let go