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Lost In The Rain Lyrics - Singles - Far From Finished

It's 2am and it's last call 

Another night I'm closing down the bar 

I'm all alone again 

Except for the voices in my head 



Hanging with the boys Jack, Jimmy, and James 

They're making me feel alright tonight (alright) 

I'm looking for excuses, no one left to blame 

I'm just a drunk getting lost in the rain 


They're stacking all the chairs and turning out the lights 

I'm headed down to Lansdowne Street and I'm looking for a fight 

God knows where I'll be 

Floating in the Charles or face down in the street 




If I ever had a notion I lost it 

If I ever had a sober thought I tossed it 

I'm throwing my whole fuckin' life away 



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